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San Francisco, CA

Marc Jacobs Dot

As a girl, I’ve always been attracted to anything beautiful and this Dots by Marc Jacobs perfume is definitely beautiful. I adore the clever packaging that resembles a lady bug. How adorable is that?! And of course, I love the…

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Rome, Italy

The Colosseum

Last summer, I was a bit heartbroken that I did not manage to go to Rome. Of course, I am very grateful that I saw a lot of countries during my last trip to Europe but Rome is a must-see…

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London, England

Asian in London

I’ve always wanted to go to London. Who doesn’t? Growing up, I’ve heard so many things about this place called London, the capital of England. The Big Ben. The London Eye. The Tower Bridge. London is one of the most…

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Berkeley, California

Blue Sky Tag

Oh! This is so exciting! I got nominated by Azra and Amy for the Blue Sky Tag! Thank you! How lovely! I decided to combine the tags so it’s more fun! I love tags! I hope you enjoy this! Also,…

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