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San Francisco, CA

Marc Jacobs Dot

As a girl, I’ve always been attracted to anything beautiful and this Dots by Marc Jacobs perfume is definitely beautiful. I adore the clever packaging that resembles a lady bug. How adorable is that?! And of course, I love the…

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Rome, Italy

The Colosseum

Last summer, I was a bit heartbroken that I did not manage to go to Rome. Of course, I am very grateful that I saw a lot of countries during my last trip to Europe but Rome is a must-see…

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Kansas, USA

Damsel Not In Distress

Damsel, but definitely not in distress. I love the quote below because I love feminism and the quote definitely hints that women don’t always need men to save them. I fully agree! Although I look and act very feminine, I…

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San Francisco, California

Oh, San Francisco!

The comment section of my blog is up and running now. I figured it out last night. Haha. Thank you to poemsinacoffer for helping me out! I am still in the process of transferring some of my favorite contents in…

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