Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Lights and Canals

After watching The Fault in Our Stars, I told myself I’ll go to Amsterdam in the future. Amsterdam just seems so beautiful, don’t you think so? Who can’t resist those charming architecture, colorful houses, and beautiful canals? I simply couldn’t so…

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Vienna, Austria

I Fell in Love with Austria

Do you know the feeling when you receive a very unexpected gift from someone? That feeling when you opened a very peculiar box and inside is 100 different kinds of luxurious chocolates and sweets? Yes! That’what I first felt when…

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San Francisco, California

First, Get To Know Me Tag

Hello, I decided to move my blog from to I’ll try to post here my favorite posts from my last blog. I’ll try to blog everyday. Oh! Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s to a new beginning of my…

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